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Career Academy Online Training

January 23rd, 2016 - originally posted in

Written by - Charles Chenevert

Career Academy is an established provider of IT certification products and services designed for consumers, businesses and academic organizations worldwide. The company was founded in 1999 and its headquarters is based in Needham, Massachusetts. It’s also a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Through Career Academy's new $99 Certified Learner Membership, students are provided with self- paced and on-demand video training that allows students to pause, re-watch videos, or even skip around if they so choose. At the end of each course, the student is given a review quiz to assess how well they absorbed the material, so as to ensure that the student has a firm understanding of the course’s most important concepts. What’s more is that Career Academy offers training that caters to all levels of expertise from beginner to advanced. Finally, Career Academy, in association with American Business and Technology University, allows members to earn up to 30 college credits towards various Associate and Bachelors Degree programs, another innovative advantage of the Certified Learner Membership.

Major features of Career Academy’s online on-demand training program include the following:

  • Access to over 1,400+ online video courses covering IT, Cyber Security and Project Management Certification training
  • Complimentary workbooks to supplement video training
  • On-screen demonstrations performed by certified instructors
  • Over 10,000+ review quiz questions
  • University Certificates of Completion
  • The ability to earn up to 30 college credits through ABTU
  • Obtain up to 257 PDUs
While training must be accessed through a browser on all devices, the site is 100% mobile compatible and easy to navigate. It should be noted that course lectures are not available for download. However, the workbooks are available in PDF format and allow the student to follow along with video lectures and take notes.

In summary, Career Academy's online on-demand training is a excellent overall value, particularly considering the timely courses offered in information technology and project management. The online courses or training is presented in an easy to view professional format (including step- by-step demonstrations of systems configuration and maintenance procedures) and can be viewed on most mobile devices, including the less popular Windows Phone. Finally, IT professionals, project managers and knowledge workers in general can utilize Career Academy’s extensive online catalog of training videos on unlimited basis for a modest annual fee of $99 per year. All in all, it's a great value and convenience in IT training.

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