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Master Admin Account User Guide

How to Invite Members

To invite new members, navigate to your “Manage Profile” page. Under the “Information & Settings” section, select “Sub-accounts”.

Here, you will see how many sub-accounts, or “Seats”, you have to offer and how many are available. As people sign up, the number of seats available will change. You have the following two options to send out invitations:

Option 1: Use your sub-accounts direct link:
You will be presented with a link that is unique to your master account. Please copy and paste this link where you would like others to find and utilize it.

Do NOT click on “get a new public key”. This option will generate a new key and any invitations with the previous key will no longer work.

Option 2: Invite users directly from this page via email:
Below the direct link, there will be an area to “Invite New Members”. In the space provided, enter in the email addresses, separated by commas, of those you would like to invite. Then click “Send Invite”.

How to Access Sign in Reports

Navigate to your “Manage Profile” page. Under the “Information & Settings” section, select “Sub-accounts”. On the next page click the “Sub-Account Sign in Report.” link.

Then you will need to select a date range. Once you have selected a range, click on “Search”. A table will appear listing all of the registered students and how many sign-ins each student has.

Once the table has appeared, you can click on “Export Sub-accounts Sign-in Report” A small box will appear that says “Data Management: File Export. Your file is ready, click here to download.” Once you do that, all of the information on the sign-in report table will be exported to an Excel document.

Knowing Your Sub-Account Icons

At the bottom on your “My Sub-accounts” page, there is a list of all your Sub-Account members. There are 5 icons next to every student registered in your sub-accounts:

  1. Edit this member’s bio
  2. Detach this member’s account
  3. Suspend this member account
  4. View this member profile
  5. Sign in as this member

How to Pull Members’ Reports for Quiz Scores

On your “Sub-accounts” page, scroll down to the table where your existing sub-account (member) information is located. Locate the member whose Quiz reports/scores you would like to see and sign into their account by clicking on the green arrow next to the member’s name

Once you are signed into the member’s account, locate and click on the "My Quiz Journal Entries” link in the "My Membership" dropdown menu on the blue banner.

On the following page, you will see the member’s name at the top of the page, and two tabs below it: “Certifications/Programs” and “Journal Entries”. Click the “Journal Entries” tab. Here you will see options such as “Status”, “Credit Type”, “Certification/Program” and “Credits Earned: From – To” for you to use. When you are done choosing your filters, click on “Apply Filter”.

You can then click on “Export Entries” to have the data exported to an Excel document, where you can edit the report to meet your needs. Once you click on “Export Entries”, a window will come up – click on the “Click here to download” link in this window to have the report exported to your computer.

How to Locate, Download and Print Certificates of Completion

Sign in as the member whose Certificate of Completion you would like to access. Once you are signed into the member’s account, click on the “My Certificates” link in the "My Membership" dropdown menu on the blue banner.

On the following page, click on the “Certifications/Programs” tab to see any Certificates of Completion earned.

Locate the desired Certificate of Completion and click on the Certificate icon to the left of the Certificate name to open it. The certificate will then open in a separate window where you will be able to print it.