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Career academy is the best! They provide very comprehensive learning material. You're able to go at your own pace of learning. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable before obtaining their materials, however, afterwards, I now feel very confidence in the subject of choice. If you're looking for a start from scratch or wanting to know the fundamentals and advanced.... then Career Academy resource or material is for you! Also their practice labs are second to none. Their labs real live environments, with real life scenarios and that's very comprehensive. After receiving both their learning, practice lab material and most important a willingness to learn....You will be a professional in no time. Lastly, their customer support and sales team are AMAZING!!! What are you waiting for....get going on your IT journey now first with Career Academy.

DaMarcus Brownlee Learner
I've been working as a project manager for several years and really enjoy what I do. During Christmas break, I decided that I finally needed to achieve my PMP® and begin to master the knowledge areas and process groups of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Since I'm a busy professional and didn't have time to attend a multi-day boot camp, I felt the online video approach could serve as a strong foundation to my study approach. I found Career Academy and thought the costs seemed reasonable given that I had 1 year of access to the website. Most other sites provided 1-3 months of access. Rather than simply "pass a test", I wanted to truly understand the material with a side benefit of being able to pass a test. In terms of knowledge acquisition and strategy, the approaches of "simply passing a test" and "truly understanding the material" are truly different. Being able to watch the videos during breaks, at lunch, or after the kids had gone to bed were absolutely the best!

The Career Academy videos provided the opportunity to view and review the PMP® material. As I met with my study group peers at work, I found that I had gained a solid understanding of the PMP® concepts. The presenter, Martin VanDerSchouw, is engaging and shares excellent real-world stories about the PMP® test material. The handouts and 100's of test preparation questions are helpful and more importantly, are reflective of the overall difficulty of the PMP® exam.

On PMP® test day, I was well prepared. Martin's description of the test day experience, suggestions on study plans, and presentation of the material was top notch. As with any test, I was a bit nervous. After completing the first 50 questions, I realized that I had been well prepared and none of the test material was shocking, surprising, or fear-inducing. By question 120, I was envisioning what my post-test celebration would look like and how excited I was to soon be finished!

I'd highly recommend this course as cornerstone to any PMP® test preparation endeavor. Kudos to Martin and Career Academy for creating such helpful material!

Zach Underwood
Project Management Learner
Career Academy was not only a great value, but instrumental in aiding me to pass the PMP ® exam. The videos were concise and the material was well laid out. I also found the practice exams to be very useful in really understanding the content. In addition, submitting for the PDUs after passing the exam was quick and easy. I have since taken other courses with Career Academy and it has sharpened my skills and I feel like I can add value to any organization. Lastly, they are very attentive at replying to any questions you have via email. I would highly recommend any of their products.

Tomas Villanueva
Project Management Learner
Just wanted to advise you that I passed my ICND1 exam today :) ... I can't wait to tackle the rest of the CCNA and the more advanced certifications with Career Academy.

Mike Melo
Cisco Learner
Since 2006 I have undertook both certification and non certification training, and have used many home study and classroom training sources to learn technology, and I feel that career academy is the best on the market.

I have recently upskilled in Office and I have made extremely good use of the MS office 2013 courses. I have been using office since Office 97 and I felt that I had a good understanding, however, this course still covered the new stuff and some old points that needed refreshing.

Lee Haynes
Office Specialist Learner
I came upon your site from a LinkedIn group message that stated I should give it a try. I signed up and watched a few segments of the training just to see how they were presented. I must tell you I am impressed. I do support for small to medium sized companies and am always on the look out to help the "user" out with some addition training opportunities. I WILL be recommending your company to fill the gaps when needed.

Mike G.
IT Networking Learner
I had a chance to review Career Academy's training demos and decided to purchase their IT video courses. I would like to say that using the Career Academy Network Engineer Training has been very beneficial in the current employment conditions allowing me to stay current while also giving me new knowledge as I look for a new position. The courses are very well structured with a huge amount of useful content, labs and quizzes all in all very good value for money. Thanks to all who produce these courses.

Malcolm Robinson
IT Networking Learner
These videos are what New Horizons and other providers use (and charge thousands for). It's a good deal. I purchased this and it's worthwhile. Plus, if you finish you can get a "certificate of completion" which you can add to your LinkedIn as a course.

Shannon C.
CompTIA Learner
I bought the Career Academy PMP® training a while ago and I thought that’s a great deal. Their PMP® training content wise is excellent. Especially my video trainer is very knowledgeable on the subject and I also found their examples and exercises are quite helpful. Also, it works well with my iPad. With all the other project management courses and 100+ PDUs in my bundle, I think their PM deal is such a steal!

John M.
Project Management Learner
I am able to obtain a Project Managers certification at a fraction of the cost of what it should have cost. The instruction for the class is awesome and very easy to follow, a must have for career advancement.

Samantha L.
Project Management Learner
I trained for the MCSE using Career Academy for my studies, after going through the courses and quizzes I felt prepared for my MCSE exams, so far 3 out of 5 down and passed! So I got my MCSA and will soon pass the last two for the MCSE! Career Academy training made all the difference in my success.

Kevin Kidd
Microsoft Learner
I do believe this is an awesome, awesome education offering and have learned a ton so far!

Jill A.
Project Management Learner
Thanks so much to ALL of you! Joining Career Academy was one the best professional decisions I ever have made!

Shawn F.
IT Service Management
I would like to thank you and your team of curriculum writers. Your training program in CompTIA Security+ was instrumental as a preparation in assisting me to pass the Security+ 401 exam. Your online program was of quality in most every aspect of what an online program should be. Thank you again!

Norman Rankis
CompTIA Learner
Terrific customer service. They've been very prompt and thorough at answering questions I had pertaining to the class courses. Great experience so far and really makes taking the class enjoyable and hassle free.

Pete C.
Project Management Learner
Career Academy is a great site to learn at your own pace! The instructor videos are good and informative to help with the chapter reviews. I am currently doing the Network Admin & Helpdesk IT Certification course. With these training aids I have taken Exams 70-680 Windows 7 Configuration and 70-685 Enterprise Desktop Support Tech. I am moving on to my MCSE and Cisco training. I am also looking into the Security training packages

With my A+ and Network + already under my belt getting the two Windows certs helped me get a job as an IT Field Service tech with an Energy company in the Midwest!

Timothy Sims
IT Networking Learner
Thank you!!! I've had such a good experience with your company. I'd provide a referral any day!

Christine M.
Project Management Learner
I have worked in the computer field for about 10 years. Several jobs required a broad range of knowledge on several types of equipment and software. The Career Academy courses are a great resource for the beginner and expert levels. Providing a great refresher for the experienced or a base to build more knowledge for the beginner. The courses I have taken provided in-depth information regarding computers, network equipment and security features and needs. After each lesson you are given a quiz helping test retention of the information provided. Courses included great examples, diagrams, visual aids to assist the trainee with understanding the more complex details.

I would recommend Career Academy to a new computer tech, student or veteran. A great opportunity to expand your knowledge with engaging training scenarios and flexible course operation.

Corey S.
CompTIA Learner
It enabled me to get my required number of PDU's in a much more expedient manner. Thanks.

Robert V.
Project Management Learner
Great for people who need a refresher and very hands on which is great, showing every part that you need to know.

Zedrick M.
Microsoft Learner
Thank you for the information, I have a bachelor degree in Project Management/Construction Management and the information helped me a lot.

Cynthia W.
Project Management Learner
Much easier to take notes on the various courses as you can pause and rewind as many times as you need.

Alexander I.
CompTIA Learner
It was great having an instructor who used to sit on the board of directors for PMI®! He definitely knows his stuff and explains it in a detailed way, easy for those training to become a PMP®. Very educational.

Sean W.
Project Management Learner
The courses are pretty intense, a lot of information. Overall I'm pleased, I was able to print out a certificate at the end of each segment. I was able to take that back to my employer and show them that I actually did complete a real class. Financially it was in my budget, couldn't ask for a better price!

Dave R.
Microsoft Learner
This has to be some of the fastest, most helpful customer support I've ever had. Thank you so much your training is phenomenal!

Gary W.
Project Management Learner
After getting some guidance from their great customer service team, I was able to start my project management training easily. Their courses are excellent as exam prep materials, all the review quizzes were very good practice for actual exam certification.

Liza B.
Project Management Learner
I chose Career Academy because they have great videos to help you pass your IT exam. When you watch all the videos in one module, the best is they have tests which tells you your progress and you have to get a certain amount to pass.

Subhan S.
Microsoft Learner
Career Academy is just not a Business entity like others, but also respect student circumstances and provide a good suitable environment for healthy learning.

Junaid A.
Project Management Learner
I can do this on my own time, being that I work full time it does help to alleviate the stress levels and help to better my time managements skills to get the courses done.

Mike E.
CompTIA Learner
Terrific customer service. They've been very prompt and thorough at answering questions I had pertaining to the class courses. Great experience so far and really makes taking the class enjoyable and hassle free.

Peter Y.
Project Management Learner

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