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In 2019, the City of Rock Hill chose Career Academy as our online training provider. We have many employees actively taking classes and some successfully heading toward receiving certifications. The instructors are knowledgeable and their teaching is very engaging. I also like that entire lessons can be broken into separate sections. It is a very convenient option. As an administrator, my favorite feature is that scheduled class completion reports are automatically sent to supervisors rather than having to manually run the reports and send them out. The support team at Career Academy has been very responsive to inquiries and diligent in resolving any issues that arose. I really appreciate the team’s personal approach to customer support. The team is always available by phone and reaches out to ensure our complete satisfaction. The City of Rock Hill is very pleased with Career Academy.

Jim Kiley
GIS/IT Analyst
City of Rock Hill
I have worked with Career Academy in many different formats over the last 8 years. I have been an instructor in their products, a reseller, and a business partner. I have been continually impressed with Career Academy’s professionalism, quality of products, and ethics. Their whole team works very hard on all fronts and treats their customers and partners with respect. Career Academy is certainly one of the ‘good guys’ in the industry who can be trusted to do the right thing by all.

Shon Harris
Former President, Logical Security
Author of Best Selling "CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide"
Thanks for getting us on board with Career Academy’s Online Learning Solution. Our students are very impressed with the quality of the training. The “Mentor Support” gives our students the extra care and confidence they need to succeed. This solution has been amazing and has increased our B2C distance learning enrollments. Thank you also for your ongoing sales support. It is a pleasure to be able to contact you at any hour and to always get quick attention. Keep up the great service and stellar product!!!

Cindy Sutherland
VP of Career Development
New Horizons SOCAL
Career Academy provides effective training at a reduced cost! I strongly recommend Career Academy when you need a certification course; have limited time available; and desire to save $$.

Lou Ramos, MBA, PMP
Colonel, USAF (Ret.)
President, Value Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
In Lexington, we have experienced continued high-levels of customer service working with Career Academy. We are pleased to see continuous efforts to make the learning environment for remote and mentored students productive with new tools. We enjoy a high-level of flexibility and are pleased that Career Academy continues to build and maintain their partner relationships. Thank you, to Cathy and the team supporting us.

Nick Esselman
New Horizons - Lexington
Just so you know, we won this deal because of your product. The customer stated that your product was far and away above the competition.

Allen Prevade
General Manager
New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Pittsburgh
In a marketplace with no shortage of eLearning vendors, after an intensive review, Progress Software chose Career because they bring the best value to our Partners and customers. They are uniquely easy to work with, an important benefit we value both for our customers as well as for Progress. In addition, their course titles complement the Progress .NET strategy. Their Customer Support meets our own high standards in this area, and their ordering process is simple, efficient and international in scope -- important for a company such as Progress who receives more than 50 percent of its revenues from our international customers.

Michael Archdeacon
Corporate Education Senior Manager
Progress Software
The training at Career Academy is great. The quality of the courses are in depth and really teach understanding not just test passing. The Live Mentoring has been a great help to get that perfect understanding during the training.

Jes Myrick
If you want a cost effective training method that is of the highest quality, then technology based training is second to none for certification and developer training.

Kathryn Duncil
Career Academy is a top-notch company, whose products are always being updated and upgraded to encompass the latest in technology and their staff is always there to help. Career Academy gives our customers access to material to high quality training, in an online format for immediate self-gratification.

Wayne Deutsch
Director of Operations
Logical Security
We have been a University Partner with Career Academy since 2007 and value our long standing partnership. Their programs are rich in updated content and are designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. The Live Mentoring enables our students to have access to global subject matter experts who can provide real-time responses to their questions and provide them with ongoing support beyond their online class experience.

Cathy Scavone
Director Workforce Learning, Extended Learning
Cal State San Marcos
As a project manager trainer and team leader within my organization, I have been working hard to try to raise our standard of management of projects. It was with great pleasure that I came across Career Academy and their robust offering of project management courses. I first tried their training as an individual, and quickly formed the opinion that the training was of a high standard and worth offering to those in my organization who truly wanted to grow in their management skills, and perhaps seek certification. I paid for a team membership, which gave me the ability to open the training up to a group of those specifically interested. From the Introduction to Project Management course video work to the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep, Career Academy really lays a great foundation for success. Or if a CAPM is all that you are after, Career Academy has updated their CAPM Prep video training series to go along with the newest PMBOK Edition 6. I find this impressive and progressive. Finally, in keeping with some of the Project Management trends, Career Academy also walks those interested through Agile Training, Scrum Master Training, Risk Management Training, and more. The price of a team membership is affordable and frankly the value of the training offered goes far beyond the price paid. My thanks to Career Academy for making the possibility of good training accessible, and keeping it current to today's trends. I have no hesitation recommending their training to others.

Bruce McClenahan
Team Leader and Project Management Community Champion
Our company is very pleased with Career Academy which houses numerous technical and non-technical training courses for our employees at a very low cost per member per year. Career Academy is very easy to use and provides web-based training right from our employee’s desks!

E. Ramirez
Career Academy has been an excellent partner for over the past 5 years. They provide the best self study training product for IT professionals and they have excellent customer service. In the training market where there are plenty of providers and products, they stand out as an organization that wants to deliver the best products on the market and to make sure that their customers succeed.

Andrew A. Afifi, M.Sc. Network Security, CISSP
Managing Director and Founder
Career Academy provides me with very competitive pricing on a high quality online training product. The online course delivery system is dependable and easily administered by my staff as well as my clients. I also value the prompt sales and customer support I receive from CareerAcademy.

Jennifer Rowland
New Horizons CLC of Nevada
New Horizons of Columbus, Omaha, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Lincoln, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Nashville's addition of Career Academy's VideoTrainer learning systems has given us the ability to offer our students an additional training venue...The Remote Mentored Learning capabilities offered by Career Academy have helped revolutionize our virtual training delivery worldwide. All facets of traditional online training are changing and in order to maintain quality training delivery, it is imperative to give the client what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Career Academy's Learning Solution through New Horizons delivery gives our customers what they want with quality delivery.

Bob Outlaw
Director/General Manager
New Horizons of Omaha and Lincoln
Adding CareerAcademy to our On Demand Learning classroom is the final piece in offering the best and most flexible training solutions. We chose CareerAcademy because of their quality product and complete line of training titles. Now, new skills can be acquired faster by offering students the ability to take classes when they want them. The student can attend classes from only a few hours a week to full days and not worry about cancelled classes. Students focus on solutions for their own specific real-world work challenges while learning at their individual desired pace. Together, we feel we have created today what will become the standard training solution for tomorrow.

Tom Weller
New Horizons-Lexington
Your training material was exactly what I was looking for, audio, visual and high quality learning on demand. Now instead of going to a course and having to take off several days of work, and having to be out of town; I can now learn sitting at my desk at work or at home at a fraction of the price. Career Academy, you guys are great.

Stacy Price
IT Manager
Whitehill Technologies, Inc. Moncton, NB, Canada
The Career Academy had instructors of the highest calibre. They knew their material incredibly well and they were passionate about presenting it in a way that would be well learned. In addition they were articulate and very well spoken. The instructors being some of the best America has to offer, I believe that I learned things from them that I would not have picked up from a local instructor. The Career Academy series truly represents value for money, and allows access to a very high level of instructor. The lack of face to face instruction is offset by the ability to repeat sections as needed. In addition Career Academy's inclusive online mentor program allows for real world feedback in any case. I recommend Career Academy to anyone who want to gain certifications on their own time, and without breaking the bank.

Peter Doust, MCSE, CCNA, CCDA, A+
Systems Consultant
Minorplanet Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, Australia
New Horizons Ireland is working successfully with Career Academy to provide the best integrated learning environment in Ireland. Combining Career Academy's technology and New Horizons Ireland's learning methodology offers complete flexibility, exam guarantees and value for money. Career Academy's product quality and customer service is 100%. Top marks to the Career Academy team!!!

Liam McMahon
Managing Director
New Horizons Ireland
We started our search and reviews for Online/DVD training reseller programs in early 2008. We had specific expectations in terms of the quality of the training, how the program should work based on our needs, how information should flow between us and the training provider, and how payments should to be made. Many of the companies we contacted showed little or no flexibility with regards to our specific requirements. But the CareerAcademy staff worked with us to meet our expectations, and we have been selling their products very successfully since then. Their flexible and helpful attitude, combined with their high standards in product development, has resulted in a successful partnership between our companies, and has aided many of our students in reaching their career goals and aspirations.

Mike Mirshams
Managing Director
Finding a training partner for a group of 30+ Network Engineers which has a great curriculum at a cost effective price was a challenge. That is until we found Career Academy. With a large selection of industry IT certifications, we are able to utilize the Career Academy system to keep our Network Engineers current. We use the system not only for certifications but also general knowledge.

John L
Certification and Training Manager
BEMA Information Technologies
Career Academy's training benefits and customer service has been excellent and lots of our employees and officers are very happy with the program. We appreciate the quick reply we receive from the staff when we need assistance.

Dianna M
US Eastern,The Salvation Army

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