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An affordable and user friendly site for project management and IT professionals to further careers

February 26th, 2016 - originally posted in

Written by - Derek Stegelmeier

When choosing a learning site for furthering one’s career, Career Academy stands out among the crowd. It offers 30 college credits and 257 PDUs through 1,100+ courses for $29 per year (90% off). Completing a course series, earns you a certificate of completion allowing one to be able to show their proficiency in the fields trained in. I am an attorney and marketing manager with a JD/MBA and while I am not directly involved in the IT field, I have managed projects and teams and was interested to see what options Career Academy would proffer me. The first thing which struck me about Career Academy was how affordable it was.

I do not believe I have seen a training program before which gave this amount of curriculum and certification for such a low yearly fee, especially given the overall value of the program is estimated at $10,000. This great value comes from the 1,100+ courses which are offered on almost any relevant current IT and project management topic. The fact that Career Academy is a yearly subscription is also appreciated as it allows users the time necessary to complete a number, or potentially all, of the certificate programs featured and not be constrained by a short membership cycle.

The design of the website is sleek and easy to navigate. This is an important feature for any site which you will be using for hours on end. All options are easy to find and intuitive. I never felt lost, nor did I wish there was an option which was not featured. I was especially impressed with the Membership tracking features. Not only is your progress clearly tracked, but all previously earned certificates are available for easy printing. The website makes it as simple as possible to pick up on a course midway and view progress. They do not attempt to hide evidence of completion or other important features behind paywalls or emails as many other learning sites do.

When it comes to the courses themselves, each segment has a clear indication of how many minutes they will last. This allows for easy time management which is important when you are attempting to complete courses in your spare time. For example, if you only have half an hour to spare, the site allows you to skip around through the course to find a portion which fits that allotted time. Each video has onscreen presentations which are clean and contain valuable information to follow along with. I do recommend viewing the videos on full screen, especially if you are following along with the on screen presentations as some slides have smaller print and are hard to read on the default video viewing size. The quality of the videos does not seem to suffer even with slow internet speeds. Even at slow speeds the videos loaded very quickly.

One downside of the videos is that they do not automatically keep track of your position in the presentation if you leave the page. This is a small downside, which is offset by the fact that you know the length of the videos before going into them. The topics are deep and interesting and divided in a way that no video was too long. This helps you keep track of where you are in your learning and to process the information better as it was in smaller segments. This combined with the interspersed learning quizzes helps solidify your knowledge of individual topics as you go through them. All certificates are tracked and available for any time that you may need them.

While no app is available, the mobile browser access is great for learning on the go as this would be valuable to those who have long commutes, using the web browser on any device access is slick and functional. The mobile browser function accurately kept track of progress back and forth between the website. Internet connection is required, so this needs to be kept in mind when accessing videos and other features.

As a chat service is provided on the bottom corner of the website during business hours, it makes it easy to have questions or issues easily addressed by the responsive staff. There are options to live chat or email. Though many questions can be answered through the in-depth materials and FAQs.

Overall, Career Academy is one of the easiest to use and most affordable learning platforms I have seen. The structure of the videos and lessons, along with workbooks allows for a myriad of learning styles and depth. I have not used a site, to this point, which offered so many materials and such reliable support for such an affordable price and for such a long period of time. I believe that any professional in the IT or management field could benefit from using the site. Most of all, I appreciate the ease of use and look forward to being able to use the mobile browser access in conjunction with my learning to augment my knowledge even during down times. This is the perfect platform for those who wish to achieve a large amount of technical training alongside their regular working lives, or for those looking for a better foundational understanding of these advanced topics.

For any professional interested in learning more about important modern security and IT implementation strategies, go and look into Career Academy immediately. You will be shocked to find how affordable and easy to use it is.The depth of material will help you further develop your ability to be an effective manager and leader in your field and you can tackle it at your own pace. At $29 a year (90% off), this program cannot be matched.

To learn more about Career Academy’s benefits and extensive learning programs you can visit and join today.