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Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Online Training Series

Training Series Overview

This series builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2010: Intermediate. Students will work with advanced formulas, as well as lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX. In addition, students will learn about data validation and database functions such as DSUM. They will learn how to work with PivotTables and PivotCharts, how to import and export data, and how to query external databases. Finally, students will learn about the analytical features of Excel (such as Goal Seek and Solver), running and recording macros, SmartArt graphics, and conditional formatting with graphics.

Series Taught By: Debbie Fierst & Tracy Berry

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 6
Students can earn up to 6 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

Access Training Courses Below

Click any of the titles below to launch your videos:

Course 01 - Logical and Statistical FunctionsAccess Now - No Membership Required 36m

Course 02 - Financial and Date Functions 32m

Course 03 - Lookups and Data Tables 28m

Course 04 - Advanced Data Management 15m

Course 05 - Exporting and Importing 24m

Course 06 - Analytical Tools 23m

Course 07 - Macros and Custom Functions 31m

Training Final Exam

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Training Final Exam