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CNFE: Certified Network Forensics Examiner

Training Series Overview

This course will introduce students to examining network forensics. Topics covered include investigative methodology, physical interception, wireless traffic capture and analysis, malware forensics, and more.

Series Taught By: Patrick Loner

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 17
Students can earn up to 17 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

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Chapter 1 - Digital Evidence Concepts 21m

Chapter 2 - Network Evidence Challenges 24m

Chapter 3 - Implementing Advanced Authentication and Cryptographic Techniques 43m

Chapter 4 - Network-Based Evidence 1h 3m

Chapter 5 - Network Principles 27m

Chapter 6 - Internet Protocol Suite 1h 19m

Chapter 7 - Physical Interception 47m

Chapter 8 - Traffic Acquisition Software 50m

Chapter 9 - Live Acquisition 1h 10m

Chapter 10 - Layer 2 Protocol 31m

Chapter 11 - Protocol Analysis 1h 28m

Chapter 12 - Wireless Access Points 20m

Chapter 13 - Wireless Traffic Capture and Analysis 25m

Chapter 14 - NIDS/Snort 57m

Chapter 15 - Centralized Logging and Syslog 52m

Chapter 16 - Investigating Network Devices 54m

Chapter 17 - Web Proxies and Encryption 45m

Chapter 18 - Network Tunneling 36m

Chapter 19 - Malware Forensics 33m

Chapter 20 - Network Forensics and Investigating Logs 51m