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Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC) Online Training Series

Training Series Overview

This Official Mile2® cyber security certification training series covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant. Students will learn about packet capturing, Layer 2 attacks, Layer 3 attacks on Cisco-based infrastructures, pivoting and relays, IPv6 attacks , VPN attacks, defeating SSL, and IDS/IPS evasion.

Career Path: Professional roles include, but are not limited to Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Security Consultants, IT Management, and Chief Security Officers.

Official Mile2® CPTC Training Series Taught By: Randy Kohler

Certification Details

By becoming a Certified Penetration Testing Consultant, you are becoming a cyber security professional with the ability to plan, manage and perform a penetration test. The designation “Consultant” is related to the depth and breadth of understanding required to manage a project involving multiple team members, manage the client’s expectations and deliver an audit of security controls that is thorough, well documented and ethically sound. The certification is designed for cyber security professionals and IT network administrators who are interested in conducting Penetration tests against large network infrastructures, such as large corporate networks.

Certification Exam Details:
Certified Penetration Testing Consultant: Learn More about this certification exam.

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 9
Students can earn up to 9 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion. Learn More

Access Training Courses Below

Click any of the titles below to launch your videos:

Course 01 - Packet CapturingAccess Now - No Membership Required 38m

Course 02 - Layer 2 Attacks 59m

Course 03 - Layer 3 Attacks on Cisco Based Infrastructures 1hr 10m

Course 04 - Pivoting and Relays 20m

Course 05 - IPv6 Attacks 49m

Course 06 - VPN Attacks 38m

Course 07 - Defeating SSL 48m

Course 08 - IDS/IPS Evasion 1hr 11m

Training Final Exam

Are you ready to earn your certificate of completion? If so, Launch the Final Exam below to do so now!

Training Final Exam