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"Career Academy provides online video-based learning solutions for IT, cybersecurity, project management, IT service management and office professionals. As a leading training provider, Career Academy has designed its membership model to provide top-flight training and preparation to today’s emerging workforce.

'With our membership program we are able to train thousands upon thousands of individuals daily, increasing their skills and improving their knowledge,' said Kevin Stuart, Director of Operations at Career Academy."

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Jake Slater, Social Media Manager for GoCertify
"Career Academy’s college-level, PMI-approved courses take a multimedia approach to learning, combining video lectures, visual presentations, quizzes, and workbooks. It’s a nice touch, because not everyone learns in the same way. For some, videos are best. Others enjoy PowerPoint presentations, and still others like having the material right in front of them. Career Academy covers all the bases, which is crucial for any professional development program – especially a self-directed, online program like Career Academy."

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Matthew Kosinski, Editor of
"Career Academy's online on-demand training is a excellent overall value, particularly considering the timely courses offered in information technology and project management. The online courses or training is presented in an easy to view professional format (including step- by-step demonstrations of systems configuration and maintenance procedures) and can be viewed on most mobile devices, including the less popular Windows Phone. Finally, IT professionals, project managers and knowledge workers in general can utilize Career Academy’s extensive online catalog of training videos on unlimited basis for a modest annual fee per year. All in all, it's a great value and convenience in IT training."

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Charles Chenevert
"I do not believe I have seen a training program before which gave this amount of curriculum and certification for such a low yearly fee, especially given the overall value of the program is estimated at $10,000. This great value comes from the 1,100+ courses which are offered on almost any relevant current IT and project management topic. The fact that Career Academy is a yearly subscription is also appreciated as it allows users the time necessary to complete a number, or potentially all, of the certificate programs featured and not be constrained by a short membership cycle."

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Derek Stegelmeier

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