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Thank you for your interest in becoming members of the Career Academy Value Added Reseller program.  Career Academy training can add to your ability to provide your customers with a total solution to their IT Training needs while adding to your bottom line. And we intend to prove it by continuing to earn your trust every day.

Career Academy is the global leader in self paced computer technology training solutions for the IT & Project Management Professionals and provides the most complete and up to date self-paced IT certification and job related training library available. With over 200+ courses available online to help computer users and working professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need to compete successfully in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Our reseller accounts portfolio includes independent IT consultants, LMS content providers, computer hardware/software distributors and resellers. Our state of the art learning platform, extensive training curriculums and dedicated LearningZone mentoring support, enabling us to serve your customers with consistent quality and flexible learning schedules.

Why Become an Value Added Reseller Partner?

  • Dedicated Reseller Sales & Marketing Support.
  • Generous discount on MSRP Pricing. Higher margins give you greater pricing flexibility to your customers when selling training services or bundling training with your total solution.
  • Gives you the ability to provide training solutions without added cost or infrastructure to your organization while still being able to meet your customers' total solutions needs. Bundling our training courses with your hardware/software solutions adds little to your cost while producing dramatic results to your profitability on each solution you sell.
  • Multiple methods to deliver training to your customers, including:
    • Multimedia Learning Library on customer's Intranet
    • Streaming videos delivered over the Internet (Multimedia e-Learning)
    • LearningZone Around the Clock Mentoring
  • Co-Branded or Private Labeling options are available
  • Access to Career Academy Reseller Partner Web
  • Free Technical Support

Value Added Reseller Program is uniquely suited for:

  • Computer Hardware and Software Distributors and Resellers
  • Independent IT Consultants
  • LMS Content Partners

Join today and realize your profit potential by becoming a Career Academy Reseller Partner! 

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