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Martin VanDerSchouw
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LookingGlass - Introduction to Project Management CBT Training
Package Includes:
  • 12 Months Online Access, Featuring OnDemand Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions with Full Audio and Video Lectures
  • Software Video Demonstrations
  • Self-Assessment Module Review Quizzes
  • Printable Courseware
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy
  • Mobile Access via iPhones and iPads

Martin VanDerSchouw - Project Management Professional (PMP) ®
Martin VanDerSchouw, PMP® currently serves as President & CEO of LookingGlass Development, LLC., a premier provider of project management tools, training, and consulting. He served 3 years on Project Management Institute's International Board of Directors as well as PMI®'s Chair of Performance Oversight, Chair of External Relations and Involvement Committee, and as Secretary Treasurer. Martin was named in the Top 40 under 40 by the Denver Business Journal and was named PMI®'s 2004 International Business Leader of the Year. Additionally, he regularly makes more than 50 presentations per year to groups in the areas of leadership, performance management, and program/project management. He is currently the Colorado State Commissioner for Information Management governing all IT projects over $500,000.

Course Features:

Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Section 01 - Introduction & Overview
Introduction & Overview
Course Expectations
Some Project Management Numbers
What Tools Do You Need?
What Is Project Management All About?
How To Attain Great Results?
The Division of Skills
Section 02 - Teams & Leadership
Teams and Leadership
Janssen’s Model for Reactions to Change
Conceptual Approach
Spontaneous Approach
Normative Approach
Methodical Approach
Approaches Lead to Roles
The P.E.P. Cycle
It’s All In the Handoffs
Five Reasons for Balancing Your Project Team
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Absence of Trust
Absence of Conflict
The Changing View of Conflict
The Five (5) Conflict Resolution Modes
Lack of Commitment
Avoidance of Accountability
Inattention to Results
Section 03 - Project Communication
Project Communication
Why Is Communication Important?
With Whom Do We Communicate?
Channels of Communication
Where Do We Get Understanding
Hallway Conversations & Lunches
Didactic Communications
Basic Meeting Rules
The Communications Plan
Team Board
The Use of Collaboration Tools
Section 04 - Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Management
Who is a Stakeholder?
Steps in Basic Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Super Groups
The People Who Oppose Your Project
Stakeholder Prioritization
Section 05 - The Basics of Project Management
The Basics of Project Management
There Are No Absolutes
What is Project Management?
The Iron Triangle
Project Boundaries
PMBOK®Guide Knowledge Areas
The Process Groups & Knowledge Areas Combined
Every Project Should Have...
Project Management Plan
The Project Management Plan Can Also Include
The Reporting Information Flow
The Project Data Sheet (PDS) / Charter
Status Reporting
Project Portfolio Dashboard
The Basic Planning Steps
Section 06 - Scope and Requirements
Scope and Requirements
The Importance of Scope & Requirements Definition
The PMI Scope Management Framework
The Product vs. Project Scope
What is a “Requirement”?
Types of Requirements
Getting Quality Requirements
The Work Breakdown Structure
What the WBS Is
What a WBS is NOT
Components of the WBS
A Basic WBS
Managing Change
What’s wrong with this WBS?
Answer Four Key Questions
The Fourth Question...
Why use a WBS?
Introduction to Displayed Thinking
In Scope and Out of Scope
A Use Case
Detailed Use Cases
Section 07 - Developmental Methodologies
Developmental Methodologies
Project Management & Development Methodologies
Developmental Methodology Pyramid
Developmental Methodology Chart
Three Major Types
The Basic Waterfall Model
Keys to the Waterfall Model
Waterfall Keys Challenges
The Spiral Development Cycle
Advantages of the Spiral Model
Challenges of the Spiral Model
Reasons to Prototype
Dangers of Prototyping
Agile Development Values...
The 12 Principles of Agile Software
XP Is Customer Focused
XP, How Does It Work?
Iteration 0
The Basic Steps
Tools For Agile Development
Feature Cards
Major Methodologies
Selecting A Methodology
Section 08 - Effective Budgets & Schedules
Effective Budgets & Schedules
The Basic Steps in Scheduling
Sequencing Methods
Sequencing - Finish to Start
Sequencing - Start to Start
Sequencing - Finish to Finish
Sequencing - Start to Finish
Sequencing Diagram
Resource Estimating
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
Duration Estimating
The Critical Formula
Efficiency vs. A
Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
PERT Example
Stages for Budget Development
Estimating Techniques
Don’t Back into Your Schedule
Critical Path Method
To Decrease Your Schedule
Brooke's Law
Section 09 - Project Performance
Project Performance
What Causes Project Delays?
Multi - Tasking
What Behavior Do You Want?
The Keys to Success
Measuring Success
Project Performance Chart
The Triangle
Introduction to Earned Value
Earned Value Requirements
Earned Value - Key Terms
Project Performance Key Values
Cost Analysis
Schedule Analysis
Forecasting - ETC
Forecasting - EAC
Forecasting - TCPI
Earned Value Graphs
Earned Value Radar
Spark Lines and Bullet Graphs
Earned Value Chart
The Results
Section 10 - Change Management
Change Management
Keys to Managing Change
Scope Change Management
Change Request Form
Action Items or Issues
Course Closure

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