Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) Program

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  • 12 Months Online Access, Featuring OnDemand Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions with Full Audio and Video Lectures
  • Hands-on Software Video Demonstrations
  • Self-Assessment Module Review Quizzes
  • Printable Courseware
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy
  • Mobile Access via iPhones and iPads

Kenneth Mayer, CCSI, MCT, CCNT, CCNP, CCDA Ken started his career in computer technology in 1980s. He has offered a wide variety of IT training and high level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies across the United States and Western Europe. He has achieved the Certified Cisco Systems Instructor certification. The CCSI certification involved a two-day lab and observation event held on Cisco in Paris, France Facility. This gave Ken the accreditation to be able to deliver Cisco Authorized Courses as a CCSI. He has taught the full line of Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP and CCIP course curriculums, including Cisco's security appliances such as PIX and IDS. Ken is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Certified Ethical Hacker (EC Council) certified trainer and consultant.

Debbie Fierst - Has been actively teaching Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, and Microsoft Project for more than 5 years. She has been actively doing web design since it became a real force in the early 90's. Debbie has created over 100 web sites utilizing many different web technologies, including but not limited to ColdFusion, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, and JavaScript. In terms of project management she has effectively provided strategies to the US Air Force, National Security Agency, as well as other corporate clients. She has implemented many of these strategies in her own web development firm.

Tracy Berry - Has been involved graphic and web design for more than 15 years. She has utilized Adobe Photoshop on many different forms including the commercial print industry, however over the past years she has focused devoted its use primarily to web production. She has designed over 200 web sites, and in doing so has discovered many tips & tricks to improve both production and efficiency. In addition to Adobe Photoshop she is also an expert in Flash as well as many Macromedia products. In fact, she has been using many of the Macromedia and Adobe products since their genesis. Over the years she has demonstrated great versatility in these products, producing content of many different forms for many different types of clients.

Course Features:

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Living Online

Module 01 - Web Browsers
Web Browsers
Web Browsing
Demo - Basic Web Browsing
Navigating the Browser
Demo - Searching
Module 01 Review
Module 02 - Networking Terminology
Networking Terminology
Internet Connections
Network Types
Demo - Network Troubleshooting
Module 02 Review
Module 03 - E- mail
Demo - Creating and Sending a Message
Tools for Managing Junk Email
Demo - Exploring Junk Email Management Features
Live Chat
Chat Communications
Demo - Chat
E-mail (Cont.)
Module 03 Review

Module 04 - Communicating in the Modern World
Communicating in the Modern World
Legal and Responsible Use
Demo - Licenses
Module 04 Review
Module 05 - Protecting Yourself
Protecting Yourself
Secure Communications
Data Protection
Demo - Malware Protection
Module 05 Review
Module 06 - Web Searching
Web Searching
Using Search Engines
Do You Believe the Results?
Advanced Search Options
Demo - Advanced Searching
Module 06 Review
Course Closure

Computer Fundamentals

Module 01 - Operating System Fundamentals
Lesson 1: What is an Operating System?
How Applications and Hardware Work with an OS
The Old Days of the CLI
What the Modern OS Supplied
Demo - Navigating a Modern App
Demo - Working with Multiple Apps
Common OS Features
Demo - Working with Windows
Directory Infrastructure
Demo - Managing Files and Folders
Drivers and Hardware
Common Interface
Demo - Signing In to Windows 8 and Managing Tiles
Demo - Using the Account ID Menu
Demo - Viewing the Charms
Demo - Working with Files and Folders
Demo - Navigating the Desktop
Directory Infrastructure
Updates and Patches
Demo - Control Panel
Lesson 2: Configuring the Operating System
Visual Options
The Background
Demo - Desktop Background
Demo - Working with the Elements of a Desktop Window
Lesson 3: What is an Application?
Working with the Operating System
Working with the Software
Lesson 4: Using Control Panel
Demo - Adding/Removing Software
Visual Devices
Module 01 Review
Module 02 - Computer and Network Terminology
Lesson 1: Hardware and Peripherals
Hardware and Peripherals
Lesson 2: Storage
Demo - Hardware
Storage Devices
How a Hard Drive Works
Demo - Storage
Lesson 3: Connectivity Devices
Server Types
Lesson 4: Network Components
Demo - Network Settings
Module 02 Review

Module 03 - Working with Software and the OS
Lesson 1: Software and Concepts
Managing Software
Demo - Changing Windows Defender Settings
Lesson 2: Licensing
Types of Software Licenses
Demo - Licenses
Lesson 3: Using Software
Hardware Limitations
Content and Entertainment
Working with Media
Demo - Applications
Lesson 4: Software Tools
Database vs. Spreadsheet
Demo - Database vs. Spreadsheet
File Compression
Demo - File Compression
Disk Management
Malware Detection
Module 03 Review
Module 04 – Troubleshooting
Lesson 1: Software
Removing Malware
Safe Mode
Knowledge Base
Demo - Getting Help
Task and Process Management
Demo - Task Manager
Lesson 2: Hardware, Devices, and Peripherals
Cables and Connections
Devices and Peripherals
Lesson 3: Backup and Restore
Demo - Backups
Module 04 Review
Course Closure

Key Applications

Module 01 - Application Features
Application Features
Commands and Features in Common
Demo - Commands and Features in Common
Commands and Features in Common (Cont.)
Demo - Print Options
Commands and Features in Common (Cont..)
Demo - Editing Functions
Commands and Features in Common (Cont...)
Demo - Preferences
Demo - Getting Help
Commands and Features in Common (Cont....)
Demo - Selecting
Demo - Formatting
Navigating Applications
Demo - Navigating Applications
Demo - Multimedia
Module 01 Review
Module 02 - Working with Word Processing
Working with Word Processing
Adding a Manual Page Break
Demo - Adding and Deleting Manual Page Breaks
Demo - Inserting Page Numbers
A Header
Demo - Creating a Header and Footer
Demo - Editing a Header and Footer
The Margins Tab
Demo - Changing Margins and Page Orientation
Demo - Clearing
Tabs and Setting Other Types of Tabs
Paragraph Alignments
Demo - Changing Paragraph Alignments
Demo - Setting Indents
Working with Data
Demo - Creating a Table
Adding Rows and Columns
Demo - Adding Rows and Columns
Demo - Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Define New Bullet Dialog Box
Demo - Editing Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Module 02 Review
Module 03 - Working with Spreadsheets
Working with Spreadsheets
Entering Cell References with Mouse
Demo - Entering Cell References with the Mouse
Demo - Setting Alignment
Worksheet Navigation Methods
Demo - Navigating a Worksheet
Saving Workbooks
Demo - Saving a New Workbook
Demo - Editing and Updating a Workbook
Demo - Applying Table Styles and Sorting Data
Demo - Creating a Basic Formula
Entering Formulas
Demo - Editing a Formula
Demo - Using the Number Group to Format Number
Adding Headers and Footers
Demo - Formatting Headers and Footers
Charts and Graphs
Demo - Creating a Chart
Chart Elements
Demo - Examining Chart Elements
Demo - Creating and Editing a Pie Chart
Module 03 Review
Module 04 - Making a Presentation
Making a Presentation
Opening Presentations
Demo - Opening and Running a Presentation
Updating Presentations
Using Content
Character and Paragraph Formatting
Changing the Font
Changing the Font Size
Finding and Replacing Text
Demo - Finding and Replacing Text
Adding Tables
Demo - Adding a Table
Inserting a Chart
Demo - Creating a Chart
Demo - Presentation Introduction
Moving Between Slides
Adding Slides
Demo - Adding and Editing Slides
Deleting Slides
Slides from Other Presentations
Slide Design
Demo - Slide Design
Inserting Pictures
Demo - Inserting a Picture
Adding Clip Art
Module 04 Review
Module 05 – Databases
What is a Database?
Demo - Record Management
Demo - Queries and Reports
Database Security
Module 05 Review
Module 06 – Collaboration
Collaborating with Others
Methods of Sharing Data
Demo - Sharing Files
Module 06 Review
Course Closure

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