Digital Security Awareness Training for Business and Home Users

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Package Includes
  • 12 Months Online Access, Featuring OnDemand Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions with Full Audio and Video Lectures
  • Hands-on Software Video Demonstrations
  • Self-Assessment Module Review Quizzes
  • Printable Courseware
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy
  • Mobile Access via iPhones and iPads
Our Expert

Kenneth Mayer - Microsoft Certified Trainer (CCSI, MCT, CCNP, CCDA)
Ken Mayer is a Microsoft Certified Trainer as well as a Certified Ethical Hacker Trainer and Security consultant. He started his career in computer technology in 1980s. He has offered a wide variety of IT training and high Chapter consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies across the United States and Western Europe. He has achieved the Certified Cisco Systems Instructor certification. The CCSI certification involved a two-day lab and observation event held on Cisco in Paris, France Facility. This gave Ken the accreditation to be able to deliver Cisco Authorized Courses as a CCSI. He has taught the full line of Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP and CCIP course curriculums, including Cisco's security appliances such as PIX and IDS.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Module 00 - Course Overview
Course Overview
What is Security Awareness?
Security Domains
What is Security?
Are You at Risk?
So What About You?
What are the Goals of this Course?
What Will We Cover?
Is it Too Late?
Module 00 Review

Module 01 - Types of Security Threats
Types of Security Threats
Your Computer
Your Internet
Your Words
Your E-mail
Your Home
Your Files
Module 01 Review

Module 02 - Social Engineering
Social Engineering
What is Social Engineering?
Social Engineering Defense
Why Does it Work?
Fooling People
What Else Can Be Done?
Personal Precautions
Module 02 Review

Module 03 - Identity Theft
Identity Theft
What is Identity Theft?
How Does it Happen?
How to Defend Yourself
What Criminals Do with Your Information
How Can You Tell if You’re a Victim?
Actions to Take if You are a Victim
Contact Information
Module 03 Review

Module 04 - Data Classification
Data Classification
Policies for Data Sharing
Least Privilege
How to Classify
Types of Classifications
Jurisdictional Issues
Your Involvement
What Could Happen?
What Type of Policies?
How to Destroy Data
Module 04 Review

Module 05 - Protecting Your Digital Information
Protecting Your Digital Information
Why Do a Backup?
Types of Backups
What to Backup
Where to Store Backups
How to Perform Backups
Demo - Backups
Backup Utilities
Backup Management Practices
Demo - Password Management
Password Management
Module 05 Review

Module 06 - Malware
Basic Definitions
What to Look For
How You Can Get Infected
Software Detection
Hardware Detection
Cloud Detection
Know the Extensions
Demo - Knowing Your Extensions
Your Defenses
Module 06 Review

Module 07 - Security from End-to-End
Security from End-to-End
Physical Security
Home/Workstation Security
Demo - EFS
Hand Held Electronics
Workstation Software
Updating the OS and Software
Secure E-mail Use
E-mail Encryption
E-mail Hazards
How to Stop SPAM
E-mail Attachments
Other E-mail Warnings
What if You Get Malware from E-mail?
How to Avoid SPAM
Secure Web Browsing
Demo - Secure Web Browsing
Secure Instant Messaging / Social Sites
Module 07 Review

Module 08 - Piracy
What is Intellectual Property
Software Piracy
Types of Piracy
Module 08 Review

Module 09 - Security Policies
Security Policies
Security Policies
Why are Policies Important
Defining an Incident
Response Teams
Response Checklist
Module 09 Review
Module 10 - Moving Forward
Moving Forward
Education and Awareness
Know the Principles of Security Domains
Module 10 Review
Course Closure

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