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Package Includes
  • 12 Months Online Access, Featuring OnDemand Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions with Full Audio and Video Lectures
  • Software Video Demonstrations
  • Self-Assessment Module Review Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion
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Kenneth Mayer - Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI) - CCNA, CCNP, CEH, MCT
Ken Mayer is a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) as well as a Certified Ethical Hacker Trainer (CEH). He is also a Security consultant offering a wide variety of IT training and high level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies across the United States and Western Europe.

While achieving the Certified Cisco Systems Instructor certification Ken was involved in a two-day lab and observation event held on Cisco in Paris, France. This gave Ken the accreditation to be able to deliver Cisco Courses as a CCSI. He has taught the full line of Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP and CCIP course curriculums, including Cisco's security appliances such as PIX and IDS.

Course Features:

Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Module 1 - Planning Maintenance for Complex Networks
Lesson: Applying Maintenance Methodologies
What Is Involved in Network Maintenance?
Network Maintenance Approaches
Benefits of a Structured Approach
Network Maintenance Methodology
Models and Tools
Lesson: Common Maintenance Processes and Procedures
Common Maintenance Tasks
Common Maintenance Tasks (Cont.)
Common Maintenance Processes
Scheduled Maintenance
Change Control Procedures
Network Documentation
Teamwork and Communication
The Importance of Consistency
Replacing Failed Equipment
Measuring Network Health
Lesson: Network Maintenance Tools, Applications, and Resources
A Basic Network Maintenance Toolkit
Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore (Cont.)
Archiving Configurations
Archiving Configurations (Cont.)
Demo - File Archiving Part 1
Demo - File Archiving Part 2
Restoring Configurations
Demo - Configuration Restoration
Network Time Protocol Example
Demo - Time Commands
Configuring Logging Example
Demo - Logging
Online Resources
Documentation Support
Resource Management
Proactive Fault Management
Measuring Network Performance
Measuring Network Performance (Cont.)
Module 1 Review
Module 2 - Planning Troubleshooting Processes for Complex Enterprise Networks
Lesson: Applying Troubleshooting Methodologies
What Is Troubleshooting?
Diagnostic Principles
Troubleshooting Methods
The "Shoot from the Hip" Method
Structured Troubleshooting
Top-Down Troubleshooting
Top-Down Troubleshooting (Cont.)
Bottom-Up Troubleshooting
Bottom-Up Troubleshooting (Cont.)
Divide and Conquer
Follow the Path
Spot the Differences
Move the Problem
Discussion: Troubleshooting Case
Lesson: Planning and Implementing Troubleshooting Procedures
The Troubleshooting Process
Defining the Problem
Gathering Information
Analyzing the Facts
Eliminating Possible Causes
Example: Elimination and Assumptions
Discussion: Elimination and Assumptions
Formulating a Hypothesis
Testing the Hypothesis
Solving the Problem
Demo - Duplex Problem
Lesson: Integrating Troubleshooting into the Network Maintenance Process
Network Maintenance Tasks
Troubleshooting as Part of Maintenance
Updating Documentation
Defining Network Performance Profiles
Troubleshooting and Communication
Troubleshooting and Changes
Module 2 Review
Module 3 - Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools and Applications
Lesson: Assembling a Basic Diagnostic Toolkit Using Cisco IOS Software
Filtering Command Output
Example: Filtering show ip route
Example: Filtering show ip route (Cont.)
Filtering show Command Output
Filtering show Command Output (Cont.)
Redirecting show Command Output
Redirecting show Command Output (Cont.)
Extended Ping
Extended Ping (Cont.)
Demo - Information Gathering
Using Telnet to Test the Transport Layer
Basic Hardware Diagnostics
Example: show processes cpu
Example: show memory
Example: show interface
Additional Hardware Diagnostics
Demo - Hardware Information
Lesson: Using Specialized Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools
Supporting the Troubleshooting Process
Supporting the Troubleshooting Process (Cont.)
Using a Packet Sniffer
Example: SPAN Configuration
Demo - Network Sniffing
Example: RSPAN Configuration
Example: RSPAN Verification
Creating a Baseline Using SNMP and NetFlow Technology
Example: Configuring a Device for SNMP Access
Demo - Configuring SNMP
Example: Configuring a Device for NetFlow Accounting
Example: Examining the NetFlow Cache
Example: Configuring a Device for NetFlow Export
Event Notification
Example: Notification Through SNMP Traps
Example: Cisco IOS EEM Configuration
Example: EEM Configuration (Cont.)
Module 3 Review
Module 4 - Maintaining and Troubleshooting Campus Switching-Based Solutions
Lesson: Troubleshooting VLANs
LAN Switching Review
Layer 2 Switching Process
Layer 2 Switching Process (Cont.)
Discussion: Typical LAN Switching Problems
Layer 2 Frame Forwarding Information
Verifying Layer 2 Forwarding
Lesson: Troubleshooting Spanning Tree
Spanning-Tree Review
Spanning Tree: Root Bridge
Spanning Tree: Root Ports
Spanning Tree: Designated Ports
Spanning Tree: Forwarding and Blocking
Spanning-Tree Verification
Spanning Tree Cisco IOS Commands
Spanning Tree Cisco IOS Commands (Cont.)
Demo - Troubleshooting Spanning Tree
Bridging Loops and Broadcast Storms
Bridging Loops and Broadcast Storms (Cont.)
EtherChannel Technology
Lesson: Troubleshooting Switched Virtual Interfaces and Inter-VLAN Routing
Routing and Multilayer Switching
Control Plane Versus Data Plane
Control Plane Versus Data Plane (Cont.)
Routed Ports and SVIs
Routed Ports and SVIs (Cont.)
Demo - Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing
Lesson: Troubleshooting FHRPs
First Hop Redundancy Protocols
HSRP Example
HSRP Example (Cont.)
Discussion: HSRP Convergence
Analyzing HSRP Operation (Cont.)
HSRP Debug Example
HSRP Debug Example (Cont.)
Demo - Troubleshooting HSRP
Compare and Contrast: VRRP and GLBP
HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP Commands
Equivalent Troubleshooting Commands
Lesson: Troubleshooting Performance Problems on Switches
Defining Performance Problems
Switch Performance
Checking for Interface Errors
Duplex Mismatches
Case Study: Duplex Problem
Duplex Mismatch: Full-Duplex Side
Duplex Mismatch: Half-Duplex Side
Auto-MDIX and Duplex
Configuring Auto-MDIX
Verifying Auto-MDIX
Forwarding Hardware
Ternary Content Addressable Memory
Troubleshooting TCAM Utilization
Verifying TCAM Utilization
TCAM Allocation Failures
Traffic Forwarding to the CPU
Displaying CPU Load on a Switch
Troubleshooting CPU Problems
Module 4 Review
Module 5 - Maintaining and Troubleshooting Routing-Based Solutions
Lesson: Troubleshooting Network Layer Connectivity
IP Routing Review
Case Study: Routing a Packet
Case Study: Routing a Packet (Cont.)
Quiz: Packet and Frame Headers
Answers: Packet and Frame Headers
Data Structures Used for Routing
Verifying Routing Information
Verifying Layer 2 Encapsulation
Demo - CEF
Lesson: Troubleshooting EIGRP
Exchanging and Processing Routing Information
EIGRP Data Structures
EIGRP Routing Update Process
EIGRP Commands
Case Study: Troubleshooting EIGRP
Case Study: Troubleshooting EIGRP (Cont.)
Demo - Troubleshooting EIGRP
Lesson: Troubleshooting OSPF
Exchanging and Processing Routing Information
OSPF Data Structures
The OSPF Link-State Database
OSPF Quiz: LSA Type Review
OSPF Quiz: Answers
OSPF Quiz: Answers (Cont.)
Requirement to Become OSPF Neighbors
Establishing OSPF Adjacencies
OSPF Interarea Routing
OSPF Commands
Case Study: Troubleshooting OSPF
Case Study: Troubleshooting OSPF (Cont.)
Demo - Troubleshooting OSPF
Lesson: Troubleshooting Route Redistribution
Route Injection and Redistribution
Redistribution and the Routing Table
Seed Metrics
Troubleshooting Redistribution
Commands to Verify Redistribution
Case Study: Redistribution from OSPF to EIGRP
Case Study: Redistribution from OSPF to EIGRP (Cont.)
Lesson: Troubleshooting BGP
Exchanging and Processing Routing Information
BGP Data Structures
BGP Routing Update Process
BGP Commands
Case Study: Troubleshooting BGP
Case Study: Troubleshooting BGP (Cont.)
Lesson: Troubleshooting Performance Problems on Routers
Introduction to High CPU Utilization
Slow Router Performance
Router Does Not Respond to Service Requests
Common Causes of High CPU Utilization
Common Causes of High CPU Utilization (Cont.)
Useful Commands
Useful Commands (Cont.)
Understanding Cisco IOS Switching Options
Process Switching
Fast Switching
Cisco Express Forwarding
Troubleshooting Process and Fast Switching
Troubleshooting Process and Fast Switching (Cont.)
Troubleshooting Cisco Express Forwarding
Troubleshooting Cisco Express Forwarding (Cont.)
Using Cisco IOS Tools to Analyze Packet Forwarding
Troubleshooting Router Memory Issues
Common Memory Problems
Common Memory Problems (Cont.)
BGP Memory Use
BGP Memory Use (Cont.)
Module 5 Review
Module 6 - Maintaining and Troubleshooting Network Security Solutions
Lesson: Troubleshooting Security Features
Network Security
Network Device Security
Management Plane Security
Management Plane Security (Cont.)
Control Plane Security
Data Plane Security
Troubleshooting Network Security Guidelines
Lesson: Security Features Review
Troubleshooting Flow for Layer 4 Problems
Troubleshooting Flow for Layer 4 Problems (Cont.)
Cisco IOS Firewall
Cisco IOS Firewall (Cont.)
Cisco IOS Firewall Verification
Cisco IOS Firewall Logging and Debugging
Zone-Based Policy Firewall
Zone-Based Policy Firewall Configuration Example
Zone-Based Policy Firewall Logging and Debugging
Zone-Based Policy Firewall Verification
Common TACACS+ Failures
Common RADIUS Failures
Common RADIUS Failures (Cont.)
Demo - AAA Authentication and Access Lists
Cisco Secure Access Control Server
Module 6 Review
Module 7 - Maintaining and Troubleshooting Integrated, Complex Enterprise Networks
Lesson: Troubleshooting Complex Environments
Troubleshooting Complex Environments
Module 7 Review

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